A WING DING of a TIME at Sussex

All things wild and winged gathered at Sussex on Saturday 14th May 2011 as the students of the Healing Animals Organisation pooled their skills to help the Sussex Bat Group by hosting a Wing Ding Fund Raising Evening.

Sussex looked amazing in the gentle evening light.  Even the sand school was prepped and ready

to welcome visitors to park, and children to play.  With the steady flow of guests mixing with the host students, many of whom were winged fairies and butterflies themselves, the atmosphere was full of gentle good cheer and fun. 

Starting at 6pm guests arrived and were greeted by Margaret in the car park, then on to Bianca, Martina and Michelle in reception for raffle tickets and to sign up for the various treatments on offer.  Yvonne, Petra and Ruth managed refreshments as drinks, piping hot jacket potatoes, quiche and salad were available to all.  Monica offered professional crystal advice, Ali gave Tarot readings, Tamara, Thai foot massage, Monica  and Anne gave crystal healing and massage, and Crissy offered reflexology (even Morris had some of this!).   

Overseeing it all of course was Elizabeth, who managed to multi-task meeting and greeting, giving hugs, pouring wine, providing comfort and joy, as well as being head kitchen maid and all round MC of the evening.  Without Liz there would be no Healing Animals Organisation and no army of animal healers marching forth to aid our feathered, furred, and scaled companions. 

At 7.30 it was time to gather for the raffle, organised by Karen.  Wonderful prizes had been donated, to include Champagne, books and oracle cards, beautiful crystals, and a first prize of a 30 minute ride in a small plane over Southern England! 
Of course the purpose behind the evening was to raise funds for the Sussex bats, and to support the efforts of its founder, Amanda Millar.  At 7.45 Amanda took the floor with several of her bat lodgers, to tell of her work and the magical array of the species inhabiting our shores.  She brought pipistrelles and barbastelles, and a brown long eared as well.  With a small portable device she was able to let the guests hear the type of sonic locator noises the bats use to navigate their environment.  She explained the various dangers which sometimes cause them to be injured and brought to her for aid.  Broken or torn wings are the most common type of injury, and Amanda is skilled in all forms of first aid to give them a chance to return to their wild life.  If return is not possible, they have a home with Amanda for life.  Guests were amazed to see these night creatures up close, and to learn that some of the species can live up to 40 years! 

By 8.45 Amanda was taking final questions, and also offering the wonderful Sussex honey and eggs produced by the bees and hens on her property.  By 9pm, the months of planning and preparation drew to a close.  The students were proud to present Amanda with £500 and further donations to follow. 

As everyone gathered their prizes and bade farewell the evening was deemed a resounding success, both for the bats and for all who made new friends, gave and received healing therapies, and networked with other like-minded souls.  Another wonderful evening at Sussex. 
A few more miracles for the books.  
…..by Susan Harper, MHAO…….