Written by Joanna HAO graduate

The Healing Animals Organisation attended the RSPCA Godstone Summer Fun day for the first time this year. I have been a volunteer and healing the animals there for some time now so decided to put my horse box 'big bertha' to use as a healing horse box. I turned up at 9am to be told that is was cancelled as all the fields were flooded; I said we would stay and at least heal some of the animals at the centre seeing as we were already there. So with the help of my fellow HAO healers Louise, Juliet, Jeanne, Karey, and Louise we set to healing the animals at the centre. As it turned out we ended up quite busy with healing many of the visitor's dogs as they arrived for the dog show which was held in the car park due to flooded fields.

The old saying 'fortune favours the brave' was certainly true on this day, with over 20 healings carried out, many new clients for HAO graduates and case studies for HAO students, a good day was had by all and was not a complete wash out. The centre was thrilled with the money we raised on the day over £160. They were also raising money for the lovely Tia below to have an operation on her ear for spondylosis, some of our money went to this. The good news is she has since been successfully adopted and is doing well.


Due to the success of this day we have been asked back to the Easter Fayre on the 24th March 2013 and also the summer fayre on the 14th July 2013. It is an excellent opportunity to spread the word of our HAO healing work and to raise money for this centre that works so hard to help a variety of animals in need. Thank you to everyone who made the day both fun and successful.



The Dog Show in the rain




Tony the centre Deputy Manager giving a big wave and smiling despite the rain