“Proof is in the pudding” as the old saying goes!  Hi, this is Jackie Ruger reporting from Braypool, Patcham at the RSPCA OPEN DAY.   As a student of the Animal Healing Foundation, each group is required to organize a fundraising event.  This year, our group wanted to be part of something bigger!  Our team’s hard work began on the Saturday evening preparing for the big day on Sunday.  Early Sunday morning the excitement cannot only be felt, but echo’s through the air.  Delegation is the name of the game, along with great aspirations of raising funds, helping so many animals in so much need.  The Healing bays are full and the waiting list continues to grow.  The animals and guardians all seem so blissful and really taking in as much of the healing as they possibly can.  It is wonderful to see all the smiling faces of the student healers and the like-minded souls who stop by to have their animal enjoy a moment of relaxing healing they so much deserve.  Our group worked hard all day, talking to people, explaining to those the wonders of complementary healing.  Oh, an old friend has stopped by, he has come for his regular healing J Breeds big and small pass by, stop and talk to us.  At the end of this fantastic day, we all thank the like-minded souls that joined us and all the teamwork and effort that would not have made this team fundraiser a success for the students.  In all we did 44 healings and raised £220.00 that we are going to be proud to present to the RSPCA as our gift to the animals who come in to our life, with many special gifts to teach us.  As the day comes to a close and tent goes down, and we pack up, we are all still smiling and thankful for the sun still being out, animals and friends who came into our life. 
Teamwork and friendship is a wonderful thing. 
This is Jackie Ruger reporting from Braypool, Patcham.