RSPCA Patcham Open Day and Dog Show 20th July 2014

An incredible 32 animal healings took place at the HAO tent yesterday. We handed over £160 to RSPCA Patcham, who were thrilled with this amount raised. My students were fantastic and I'm really proud how we worked together as a team. All the students agreed that it was a superb day to meet and communicate with guardians about the benefits of animal healing; meet different breeds of dogs, give healing and the team spirit; the camaraderie was second to none. ONE for ALL and ALL for ONE! Well done my friends xxxx

group photo
My wonderful HAO sisters and brothers who gave their time to give healing, we had a steady stream of dogs all day

Healing Animals Organisation students ready and waiting to give healing to our lovely dogs here at RSPCA Patcham

My wonderful HAO students giving healing at the show

I was honoured to be asked to judge at the RSPCA fun day, this is our winner Ruffle, rescued from Portugal last November

One of my beautiful HAO healer's giving healing