Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary Fun Day

Holly Hedge is an animal shelter near the village of Barrow Gurney in North Somerset, surrounded by green fields and woodland.  About 700 dogs and cats are rescued and re-homed through the shelter each year.  Holly Hedge was founded by Pauline Leeson, who has dedicated her life to helping animals, and has some well-known patrons including Monty Halls and Reuben, the dog he adopted to accompany him on his adventures seen in the Great Escape series on TV!

Every September, the fund-raiser with its fun dog show is held in Ashton Court Estate, outside Bristol.  As I live locally and adopted our gorgeous Alice from Holly Hedge, I was very keen to help them and thought it would be great to have the Healing Animals Organisation tent there.  Liz immediately gave her support and provided us with the use of the new HAO gazebo last year.

So we went back again this year; it was a beautiful sunny day and luckily the heavens didn’t open until we had packed up!  There was a lot of interest in HAO activities and we had eight dogs stopping by for healing sessions which raised £40 for Holly Hedge.  These are early days for HAO in the Bristol area but I can see interest growing as we continue to appear at events like this.  I’d like to thank Sue Wilkins and Eleanor Powell, our HAO sisters, for driving long distances to help out.  We talked to people and gave healing for six hours with hardly any breaks!!  And a big thank you to Liz for helping us to bring some sunshine into the lives of those people and animals drawn to us for help.

For more information about Holly Hedge, please see www.hollyhedge.org.ukBesides welcoming volunteers for dog walking and cat cuddling, they are open to HAO students and graduates offering healing.   

Alison Saunders MHAO

15 September 2013.