Working Trip to Cyprus 2016

Dog Rescue Cyprus October 12th 2016 Dali, Cyprus

Written by Louise Wilson Graduate of the Healing Animals Organisation

I have experienced every emotion possible in the last week very over whelming at times, I can truly say I feel blessed to have been involved, I have worked with fabulous
teachers two and four legged who have taught me so much more!

This is how the story goes; Wednesday 12th October
I fly out to Cyprus with Elizabeth Whiter and a few other HAO Graduates to work with
Dog Rescue Cyprus.
On arriving at the Hotel we we're greeted by Linda, Anna and two lovely gents
(my apologies I'm rubbish at names).
Linda gave us a briefing of Dali Dog Rescue Cyprus.
Very much looking forward to getting started! We arrived at the Pound suited, booted and ready to go loaded with Macerates, Essentials and store cupboard essentials.

When all the dogs at Dog Rescue Cyprus arrive they are cared for by the lovely ladies
and a gent called Panikos who takes care of the strays, dogs been left; for all the animals the start of a better life once in the hands of Dog Rescue Cyprus

TEAM HAO are Intention filled with love, compassion, we are non- judgemental, are friendship, we are one voice.

Offering Essentials for fear, trauma, and calming, Macerates to support nutritionally and emotionally, washing the dogs down with a natural insect repellent, grooming, walking, cleaning, feeding, watering., healing...from day one.

We went loaded with real food to offer as part of the routine. The dogs made us laugh, the cheeky puppies, the characters of the dogs.... Yes some of us have come back by adopting or fostering a dog or two, they just want a loving, caring home, cuddles, a bed, some strokes it’s to not much to ask for!!!

During our week we also cared for a group of poodles which had been rescued from a hoarder's house, a donkey with some terrible wounds, a very concerned horse, who is best friends with the donkey...

A truly amazing start to HAO and Dog Rescue Cyprus the seed has been planted we will develop and build we all have the same value the mission for every dog to be loved and cared for, every family, every guardian to be educated on animal welfare. This journey will continue every day of my life, see you again soon!!

Written By Louise Wilson Graduate of the
Healing Animals Organisation

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