HAO Working Trip to ACE Egypt 2013

Healing Animals Organisation graduates and I have had an incredible week of healing horses, donkeys, cats and dogs in Luxor Egypt.
We have been working at the ACE equine and donkey hospital.
I am so very proud and privileged to work with my gang of dedicated and professional animal healers who gave everything to help these darling animals. It’s tough in Egypt for these working animals and it’s crucial we continue to support their cause with our presence and fund raising activities.

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Message from ACE to the Healing Animals Organisation January 2013

‘We were lucky to have Liz Whiter and her group visit our hospital. They are also organising fundraising throughout the year to raise funds to enable us to be able to subsidise the neutering of cats and dogs of Egyptian owners. The stray and unwanted cat and dog population in Luxor is a problem. While we focus much of our work on donkeys and horses, this will enable us to do more even for small animals.’



HAO Video ACE Egypt

Here is the video that we made of the Healing Animals Organisation working trip to ACE Egypt in January. We are fundraising for ACE, if you would like to make a donation to help ACE to have a small animal clinic on site in Luxor, this donation would be very much appreciated. Please click the button above to take you directly to the ACE Website.
Thank you Love Liz xxx