The Healing Animals Organisation were in Cyprus in October working with Dog Rescue Cyprus.

We gave healing to the many hundreds of dogs which are rescued each year. I donated my Animal Choices food oils such as Rosehip, Bladderwrack, Mint and Nettle, wonderful nutritious food snacks for wellbeing and good health. We also took vital medical supplies and antler chews.

On the Saturday I ran an Animal Healing Workshop at Lapatsa Riding School, all proceeds from the workshop were donated to Dog Rescue Cyprus.

Anna Georghallides is an independent animal rescuer and photographer and wrote this article about our time in Cyprus for the online Cyprus News Report

At Home with Pets – Meeting Elizabeth Whiter

— October 12, 2015

Last weekend I had the pleasure of meeting, following and experiencing international animal therapist and healer, Elizabeth Whiter and her lovely assistant Gina when they arrived on the island as guests of Dali pound (D.O.G Rescue Cyprus). I admit I had always been a little sceptical when rescuers had said that they used animal communicators and healers but decided to keep an open mind and see what transpired. As they say, where Elizabeth is concerned, I am an altered toad.

I met them at the pound on Friday morning and proceeded to spend a few hours helping and witnessing a complete change in stress levels of the dogs as we (the dedicated pound volunteers and I) helped Elizabeth and Gina treat the dogs (80 in total) with Elizabeth’s specialist oils, essential oils and made-on-the-spot preventative flea and tick treatment (the thousands of flies that had taken over the cages and drove the dogs crazy stopped settling on the dogs once the treatment had been applied to their backs).

We started by allowing the dogs to sniff four essential oils, all are available in Elizabeth’s range. She allows the dog to decide if they want to take a sniff and each oil helps with an issue the animal may be having. In this case the stress of the pound, their insecurities and fear. They sniff the oils from a safe distance (it’s not applied to the skin or licked) and as they process the emotional reaction the animal will lick its lips, chew and/or go off on their own for a few minutes. By the time we had worked the four oils the pound had never been so quiet and the pups started to lie down and relax. The four essential oils used in this case were: Rose, Violet Leaf, Valerian Root and Camomile.

Elizabeth Whiter, Anna Georghallides, pound volunteers.

Next came what I call the ‘lickable’ oils. These are sunflower oil infused with various herbs or flowers. If you buy her book you’ll find all the recipes and their uses in clear, concise detail. Her book is available through me if you are in Cyprus or through her website if international…those details later. We gave each pup a teaspoon of Rosehip Oil and they lapped it up. One pup became so enthusiastic that she grabbed the plastic tray offered and tried to disappear with it…we got it back!

As we went along Elizabeth and Gina studied a pup, Laura, who was terrified at the pound, hiding in the doggy house and not coming out. Emotionally she was shutting down although she liked being petted if you reached in to her. Laura is now home with me recovering and finding herself. Elizabeth explained the healing and oils I should follow with her and she is slowly coming out of her shell.

A good diet is paramount for dogs in pounds and they rarely get the nourishment they need. Most are affected by tick diseases and/or serious anaemia when they arrive. Elizabeth explained that it is important for them, and any pet, to be given hard-boiled eggs, including the shell, as they are high in protein, vitamin A and calcium. Eggs minus the shells are also good for cats. Good for both are sardines and tuna in sunflower oil (never give in brine as it has salt) and for dogs steamed potato, cabbage, kale, carrots and cauliflower. For a more in-depth look at what should be offered to your pet check out this video that she has allowed me to share:

Elizabeth Whiter treats a pound dog in Cyprus.

At the pound Gina fell in love with a little pup and decided to adopt him. He fully participated in the weekend activities and is now in a foster waiting to go through his pre-flight medical checks. They are a perfect match and I’m looking forward to hearing all his adventures when he reaches the UK.

On Saturday morning we headed to Lapatsa Riding School for the workshop. Guests of honour were pups from D.O.G. Rescue (Dali), my Tommy and another kitty Fina.

We started by Elizabeth talking us through a meditation so we would also be emotionally ready to participate in the healing. It is important to feel grounded with the earth and feel the sun’s energy surrounding us. We started with a scared female pup who curled up in the corner in fear and was highly stressed. Elizabeth showed us the hand positions for healing and explained what parts of the body are affected and how. As the healing progressed you could see said pup visibly relaxing and by the end of it she was sound asleep…..she slept through most of the workshop after that and when she was awake she was certainly less stressed.

We then went through the essential oils and edible oils with each animal given the opportunity to try them. We were shown how to make the English Marigold (Calendula) Oil (Calendula officinalis) which is good for a poor coat, dull eyes and emotionally it helps with trauma, self-confidence and self-esteem. If you go to my website you’ll find how to make it under the Home/Animal Healing tab. The flowers are also edible for humans and the infused oil can be used in salad dressings. It’s useful to note that any plant whose Latin name includes ‘officinalis’ implies that the plant has medical virtues.

Once back the workshop continued with the cats. First up was Fina, a gorgeous girl who was of nervous disposition. She sat on her guardian’s lap in the crate bottom, tense and very unsure of the dogs just outside. Once the healing got underway she relaxed and her session ended by Elizabeth placing some of her special home-made catnip in the crate next to her. In seconds she became a content and comfortable cat. Rolling in the catnip you could see she was in heaven. A complete change from when she first arrived.

Next it was Tommy turn. He had been kept in the room next door as he was spooked and was getting worse because of the dogs and unfamiliar surroundings. When we first arrived I was give some catnip to help him relax but he still had a terrified look in his eyes.

I sat with Tommy in his crate on my lap. I explained his story to the group and could feel the sympathy and love enveloping him. Elizabeth asked if anyone else wanted to participate in his healing and the only man in the workshop immediately agreed, he said he felt a connection with him. We placed our hands, palms up around Tommy and Elizabeth started communicating with him. He thanked me for offering him a loving home and said he was happy. The only things he’d like to make his life easier was for me to stop worrying about him so much (I adore him so can’t help it), a place in the sun for him to sit on the balcony with a ramp so he can see the world go by, an igloo style bed so he can hide away and more earthy cat litter. Apart from the litter we’ve sorted the rest out and he is a much more relaxed cat. I was also given catnip for all my kitties and they love it.

Elizabeth Whiter and Gina

During the workshop we covered nutrition and again the pups were allowed to enjoy the fish, chicken, eggs and vegetables, not much was left by the end of it. We ended with being showed how to make Aloe Vera gel that is good for applying to skin complaints or cuts as it has anti-inflammatory properties. The leaf is known to have 75 minerals and vitamins.

The following Tuesday I drove to Paralimni to meet Elizabeth and Gina at their hotel for what turned out to be a four-hour meeting. We discussed in detail the problems of animal welfare on the island, animal abuse and fundraising. Certain ideas for change were exchanged and we promised to get busy putting our thoughts into actions. Amongst these plans is another visit late next year and I shall be keeping you fully updated on dates. It will be an event animal lovers won’t want to miss.

Elizabeth and Dr. Rohini Sathish, an award winning veterinarian, have written a bible on holistic health and veterinary care called 'YOU CAN HEAL YOUR PET'. It is filled with recipes, information, healing and acupressure hand positions. Anyone with an animal needs to own a copy and you can buy it here:

'You Can Heal Your Pet'

Cyprus through me please click here – €15

– Internationally go to:

Animal Whispers CD – the animal healing session narrated by Elizabeth and instrumental healing music (Tim Wheater – world renowned flautist)


To see the photos taken over the weekend please visit here as we are collaborating with Elizabeth you can find all our goings on here.

(All information, photos and recipes relating to Elizabeth and her work are being used with her permission).

NOTE: I am not a vet so any changes in diet, concerns or problems should be discussed with one. I am not responsible for any problems arising from my suggestions on this blog. I am simply sharing what works for my pack.

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