The HAO Bat fundraising evening for the Bat hospital was most enjoyable and much needed. Amanda our bat expert has never seen so many young bats left for dead due to the changing weather patterns, and so much wet weather drowning the youngsters. At one stage Amanda had 26 baby bats which she was feeding morning, noon and night and giving them round the clock care. Amanda gets through over a £1000 worth of miele worms every year. Bats are crucial to the ecosystem and are very vulnerable at this time due to; lose of habitat, prey to other animals and changing weather patterns.

Amanda brought pips, long eared and Serotine bats and gave a slide show presentation and talk of their habitat, eating habits and echolocation. After giving the bats some healing I ended the evening with a relaxing guided meditation with music, with all the bats hung upside down asleep on the tea towels in their travelling compartments! We raised £200. Amanda later said “Thank you HAO for this wonderful contribution, we need more fundraising projects for bats so the public can be aware of the challenges this species are facing."


bat fundraising