ACE EGYPT Annual Pilgrimage to Volunteer January 2016

Every year the Healing Animals Organisation makes its annual pilgrimage to volunteer our services to ACE Egypt. In January, 14 graduates from the professional Diploma in animal healing accompanied me to help out at the animal hospital. This is a wonderful and rewarding opportunity to care for sick and injured animals and support ACE vets with wound dressing, bandaging, complementary rehabilitation, general basic nursing duties and dog walking. We took vital vet supplies kindly donated by our own vet practices in the UK. Some of my graduates are qualified medical professional human body workers and it was wonderful for some of the staff to have a treatment too. Sometimes we forget the very people who are at the heart of the matter need a little reenergising. Many of us dismiss our own aches and pains and simply soldier on. Left alone this can develop into more serious complaints. Days are long for all the staff at ACE dealing with many different donkey and horse cases, at in-patients and out-patients; many arriving with wounds that have been left for days and are more difficult to treat. Some could have been prevented such as some of the impaction colic cases, whereby many of the working horses are only fed at the end of their working day. This can be frustrating as everyone at ACE are so dedicated to helping horses and donkeys heal and many treatment processes need a good supply of medicines. Fund raising is vital to help buy important medicines and supplies.

Horses are grazing animals and need hay or grass throughout the day. At ACE it is around the clock care and the very best, fresh Lucerne given to donkeys and horses; these are big animals and this a vital basic nutritional food needed every day to support in the rehabilitation process. I have three horses in the UK and I yearn to give them this lush green fresh fodder food. Sadly our Lucerne in the UK is dried and packed, so loses some of its nutritional value.  This basic food alone can be the difference between life and death and here at the Healing Animals Organisation and so many of you wonderful supporters of ACE, can make a difference with raising vital funds needed to support this incredible charity. We are holding two ACE fund raisers you are welcome to join us on. On the 23 February we are holding a Musical Sound Concert 7pm -9pm nr Brighton Sussex and on the 22 May a 5K sponsored walk over the South Downs National Park please email me for details.

I thoroughly recommend to any ACE supporter to visit ACE at Luxor and offer to help out. My Healing Animals Organisation graduates felt privileged and honoured to utilise their caring skills. We loved our time in Luxor and had time to explore Karnak Temple, Valley of the Kings and the famous markets. It’s really fulfilling to have a purpose in life and unleash our unbridled passions and cement it into something real. Ours happens to be to care for animals, what’s yours?

Elizabeth Whiter is founder of the Healing Animals Organisation and author of You Can Heal Your Pet