We offer a warm welcome to the Healing Animal Organisation students in South Africa

The professional one year Diploma in Animal Healing was established in 2005 and has since seen over 300 students graduate to professional animal healers from our UK head quarters, nestled in the beautiful surroundings of the National Park, Sussex.

I had the pleasure of working in South Africa in 2011 at Highveld Horse Care, the Primate Centre, Second Chance Rescue and facilitate animal healing workshops in JoBurg. I was assisted by one of our most loved graduates Alison MHAO, assistant teacher and seasoned explorer of this magnificent country. The response was so wonderful to the Healing Animals Organisation work we recruited Helena MHAO who travelled all the way from Cape Town to complete the four Diploma modules in the UK and is our first graduate representative for South Africa. Many students from the workshops asked if we would consider facilitating the Diploma in South Africa. After much consultation South Africa is the first country and continent outside the UK to hold the Healing Animals Organisation one year Diploma in Animal Healing.

After interviewing candidates from all over South Africa from JoBurg to Cape Town to Durban and Kruger I had my magic 12 students. All amazing ladies committed to studying with me with the sole intention of dedication and love for all life.

It is the best job in the world working side by side with you all whether it is in the UK or South Africa. The compassion, dedication, maturity, and grace you extol is truly amazing. I feel very humbled and immensely proud to help facilitate every student's learning and experience with this wonderful training based Diploma.

Our first module in September lasted six days starting sharp at 9.30am until 6pm + each day. The camaraderie amongst our group was fantastic. Every day we had animal clients and their guardians, from dogs to cats to reptiles, pet rats and visiting Animals in Distress an amazing rescue hospital where we gave healing to dogs and horses. Carers and volunteers at Animals in Distress were so welcoming and impressed with our relaxation techniques and how our animal friends responded.

All of my students past and present I am incredibly proud of YOU! And now I am privileged to work with these amazing women who like you have taken this animal healing work to another level. I was assisted by my South Africa graduate, Helena MHAO who flew from Cape Town to Joburg where we are holding the course.

Top South African vet Gin Watson will be teaching the next module, and the students will be learning about the physiology and anatomy of dogs and cats and first aid and continuing in depth consultation, animal husbandry skills and knowledge of environmental factors to promote wellness and enhance the bonds of love and trust between animal and carer.

I am back for module three in April 2013, another six days of intensive training coupled with a lot of laughter and joy with my extended family of animal healing students.

Remember this Diploma is a qualification in guardian healing

This Diploma is also a qualification in guardian healing as you are training to give healing to the carer. Animals can sense our own anxieties and worries and sometimes it's appropriate for HAO healers to give support and help guardians relax in the healing too! During the modules many carers and guardians feel a huge relief when they can talk to us about their own feelings. One lady called Helen had just recently lost her beautiful companion dog Bertie. He had died a few month's previously and she was bereft. One of the students gave Helen a beautiful healing and afterwards she explained she felt more grounded and nurtured and able to cope better with her grief as she started to heal from Bertie's passing over.

*Human healing consultation form* available. I am delighted so many of you are offering a healing session to the carer and have requested a basic consult form please use your contact form here

Student Feedback Module One

What did you most enjoy about module one?

This module opened up a new life journey for me. It was great to discover my higher self with members of our wonderful group. I’ve really enjoyed the healing of the animals that joined us for their healing sessions. Thank you very much Liz, you were a GREAT facilitatorYolanda

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Diploma Students outside the headquaters of Animals in Distress


healing 2 beautiful tortoises in the shower


SA students with our guest animal teachers Blossom, Coty, Nagwell


Zingaling enjoying his healing session with Carol and Ursula